VOIP Telephone Systems in Kent

VoIP is cost efficient, adaptable and capable of running call centres.

You can move all your business telephones online for a single cost, enabling your team to dial in from mobiles, laptops, and desktops as well as take advantage of communication tools like video conferencing.

Cost effective and always available

VoIP Systems

VoIP isn’t just for small office teams, we can run entire call centres through cloud based VoIP systems allowing for comprehensive system monitoring and management, and the centralising of all telephony and conferencing costs into a single service point.

With many similar benefits to cloud computing, VoIP (which simply uses the Internet for telephone calls rather than telephone lines or satellites) offers incredible adaptability for the remote office, and also the capability for an entire call centre worth of telephony infrastructure to be able to change location in a matter of hours in the event of a serious fire or other incidents.

Compliment your cloud system with VOIP

We partner with 3CX to provide our VoIP services, which enables us to provide incredible stability and reliability, as well as a huge range of management and user tools including;

  • Digital IVR receptionist, hold and voicemail system
  • Fixed geo-locations to make remote workers look office based
  • Call queues, forwarding, transfers and waiting
  • Can be called into from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited landline and mobile calls
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
  • Fully compatible with mobile phones, PC and Mac

    VoIP flexibility makes it an ideal compliment to the cloud based, work anywhere, modern office; whatever happens in the world your entire team and access the computer system through the cloud, and the entire communications infrastructure through VoIP; you just dial into the system from any mobile phone, and all mobile charges are routed through the VoIP system.

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