Cyber Security for Kent businesses

Protecting your business and staff

Every business is at threat from cyber attacks; anywhere there is private information, credit card numbers, or a range of other data, there will be attempts to access and steal it.

Complete cyber security and training against cyber attacks

Train staff and protect your data

Cyber Security 

As the world has become increasingly connected. The range of threats constantly changes. It may be cyber criminals looking for something valuable to steal, teenage hackers just looking to cause chaos or even other countries looking to disrupt aspects of business; everyone is at risk, but you can protect yourself against it.

Our IT support and managed IT services both offer a range of computer security services ensuring software like anti-virus and anti-malware is always up to date, and that software patches are rapidly applied, but we can also offer advanced training for your team to help them identify threats sent through email and other systems, which could inadvertently deliver privileged access to a hacker.

Cyber Security In Kent

Security is only as strong as its weakest point, and even the most advanced system in the world can be compromised by one person clicking the wrong link; providing your team with the Cyber Essentials training is an incredibly cost-effective security protection, and the certification sends a clear message to your clients that you take the security of their data and information seriously.

ORB Digital Services help businesses become Cyber Essentials Certified, it’s a Government organised scheme awarded to companies following a range of core cyber-security principles including risk mitigation, auditing, and standards of practice such as rapidly applying security patches and updates. Staff training covers similar subjects relevant to the staff in question such as;

  • Identifying malicious website links
  • Understanding phishing emails
  • Virus and malware infection through thumb drives
  • Social Engineering and Privileged Information

We understand that the backbone of a strong Cyber Security system is ongoing education. The digital landscape is continuously evolving, and with it, the nature of threats and vulnerabilities. That’s why we believe that keeping your team updated and vigilant about potential risks isn’t just a one-off task, but an integral part of your organisation’s daily operations. Cyber Security isn’t just about having advanced tools and technologies in place; it’s about empowering your people to make the right decisions, at the right time.

In addition to the technical facets of Cyber Security, we emphasize understanding the human aspects as well. It’s essential to be aware that cyber threats aren’t always from an impersonal, distant hacker. Sometimes, they come disguised in the form of a trusted colleague’s email or a seemingly harmless online request. That’s why our comprehensive training programs are designed to help your team discern the subtle signs of such threats and respond appropriately. With ORB Digital Services, Cyber Security is not just a certificate or a training module, but a mindset of diligence and preparedness.

    As we look towards the future, Cyber Security will only become more critical. New technologies and methods of communication continue to develop, opening new opportunities but also new vulnerabilities. At ORB Digital Services, we are committed to staying at the forefront of these changes. This means consistently updating our practices, and ensuring that the businesses we work with are always equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies to protect themselves.

    We strive to make Cyber Security as accessible as possible for all businesses. Whether you are a small startup or a large corporation, we believe in creating a secure digital environment that encourages growth and innovation, free from the fear of cyber threats. By choosing ORB Digital Services, you’re choosing a partner committed to your Cyber Security, dedicated to safeguarding your business today and preparing it for the challenges of tomorrow. Together, let’s make the digital world a safer place.

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