Cloud Services for Kent businesses

Cloud computing provides exceptional adaptability to businesses

If you are trying to source a Cloud Phone System Canterbury or Cloud Services Thanet Orb Digital Services are happy to help. Businesses can use cloud services for so much more than some remote storage; almost every aspect of your business computing and IT can run remotely on a highly secure set-up, and many of our clients are now based entirely in the cloud.

Cloud services allow your business to adapt and grow

Flexible Cloud Computing with

Microsoft 365

In the most basic sense, cloud computing allows you to use someone else’s computer to store information or work on it, and when you work on a cloud platform such as Microsoft 365, that means that a simple laptop can suddenly have the power and storage capacity of a supercomputer. And it’s not just about laptops and desktops; the cloud can provide the servers your entire IT system runs on, maintained by the vast Microsoft team and infrastructure, so you never need to worry about anything breaking down.

And one of the greatest advantages of cloud-based computing is, at a time when offices and workers are becoming increasingly remote, your team can access the entire system from anywhere; you could relocate the entire office and make no changes to your IT infrastructure at all.

We provide cloud services through Microsoft Azure

We can also connect you to a vast range of applications and services through Microsoft 365 including the popular Office suite, cloud storage, online calls, collaboration tools, and much more.


  • Incredible cost efficiencies and reductions in hardware needs
  • Microsoft 365 cloud-based services, apps, and software
  • Cloud-based virtual machines for remote work from anywhere
  • Extensive storage and backup options including emergency recovery
  • Backup and business data recovery systems
  • Almost limitless capacity, storage, and speed
  • Fully maintained, managed, secured, and supported by our team
  • Can even run your company’s VoIP telephones

    We believe firmly that flexible cloud computing is the future for business IT, and we help our clients manage the change quickly and smoothly, harnessing all the benefits and opportunities created by the move, including backup services and business disaster recovery plans.

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