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Secure your data with our backup solutions.

Looking for Backup Services in Kent? However much care goes into your IT system, problems can still happen in both the virtual and real world; a backup kept at the same office is little help if a fire destroys the entire office, and that’s where we can provide solutions.

The essential insurance policy for every business is a strong backup solution

Let us keep your data backed up

Cloud Backups

Backups aren’t just about recovering from a complete disaster; perhaps someone deleted something really important by mistake; it can still be available on the backup system, and if you take advantage of our cloud-based backup solutions, it can be back with you in under 30 minutes.

We can provide on-site or cloud-based backups or even a hybrid of the two, and the content of the backups can include any and every part of your system including emails, folders, servers and Microsoft 365 information from apps such as OneDrive and SharePoint.

Business disaster recovery solutions through cloud computing

Like most insurance policies, you hope you never need it, but a comprehensive BDR plan is increasingly essential for modern businesses. Incorporate essential databases and files or entire servers and email systems, including deleted mail. A well-designed recovery solution should have you back up and running as if nothing happened, even if your offices have burned down or disappeared underwater; all the data can be safe.

BDR backups are tested and checked for errors daily, then fully encrypted and stored at two geographic locations in the UK.

We use systems such as Microsoft Azure and industry-leading software to design backup solutions that ensure everything you need is backed up to any schedule you require.

Backups are always tested and a duplicate is always stored at a second location in case of unexpected real-world problems such as a fire. In the event of your complete data loss, we can have the entire system back up and running from a cloud backup in under an hour

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