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Established in 2020 by an IT professional with years of experience in education, healthcare, and IT support company environments, ORB Digital Services pulls together a large team of experts across the many facets of system and network monitoring, management, and protection.

Working to exceptionally high-quality standards, we help you manage costs with clearly tiered and capped fees, and work hard to ensure a highly proactive approach to our work with rapid turnarounds on anything that needs doing.

Another essential aspect of our services is flexibility; we enjoy working with companies of all sizes, and can be an ideal solution to growing companies that have reached a point where they need the support of an IT team, but would rather stay focused on their core business than invest resources into establishing an IT department.

Our fee structures ensure we are always more cost-effective than an in-house team, even if you want one of our system engineers on site with you every day and our service contracts and maintenance agreements are tailored precisely to your needs as a business.

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